The Secret to Wearing Ankle Boots All Year Long

ankle boots mother daughterEveryone is talking about how spring is coming (hooray!) and they can't wait to slip into some toe-exposing sandals. My pedicure is ready and I love the air on my toes. But I'm also not going to give up my ankle boots. They are perfect with jeans in the winter and fall, but they look great with dresses and shorts in spring and summer. Yes, ankle boots. Even the suede ones.

I have some very specific reasons your ankle boots should be a year-long staple.


One of the biggest reasons to wear boots is that there are times when I do not want my toes exposed. For example, if I am going for a walk in the woods. I can wear just about anything with a cute yet rugged pair of ankle boots and head up to the mountains. I'm not talking about a rigorous hike, just a walk in nature. And it's times like that when I don't want to be wearing open-toe sandals. Also, I'm not much of a sneaker wearer so cute rugged ankle boots to the rescue.

Another reason not to wear sandals all the time? When you don't want to get your feet filthy. I live in NYC and toes can get real dirty real fast, especially if you are wearing flip flops or flat sandals. Solution? Ankle boots.

If it's a chilly day, add tights. No worries about showing the seam at the foot because your toes are hidden. Perfect.

Also, if you hate your ankles, ankle boots cover them right up.

Do you wear ankle boots? Do you like to wear them with dresses and shorts in the warmer months, too?


Image via Michele Zipp

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