Katie Holmes' Shorts Are So Tiny We're Wondering if They're Suri's (PHOTO​)

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Katie Holmes Minnie Mouse

Um ... whoa. She definitely has the body for them, but Katie Holmes' minuscule Daisy Dukes, which she wore while chilling out with Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World, are so short, it's ... well, kind of hard to look away.

Paired with a simple button-down shirt, tortoise sunglasses, a hat, and bright red lipstick, Katie definitely stood out in the crowd -- but I highly doubt anyone around her even bothered to notice her accessories.

Check out the lack of length on these babies.

Katie Holmes Minnie Mouse

Geez! Maybe she should've just paraded around the park in her undies and called it a day.

Again, her legs are amazing, so you really can't blame her for wanting to show them off. But even though she has a bangin' body, Katie is 35, not 15 -- so it just seems a little out of place for her to shop in the junior's department. (Or are those Suri's?!?)

But I guess wearing short shorts is nothing new for a celeb mom, though these just seem so much tinier than the average pair you'd expect someone like Katie to turn up wearing. I mean, they're so small that you have to wonder how she managed to pull them on.

They do fit, however, so I gotta say "more power to her" for being in such amazing shape she can literally pull off the impossible. Just because most of us can't get any sort of enjoyment out of rocking Daisy Dukes doesn't mean she shouldn't go for it.

Would you ever wear shorts this small?


Image via Splash

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nonmember avatar myop

What the hell? They aren't even that short.

nonmember avatar Naomi

I was confused with this post. Starts by saying that she is 35 and shouldn't be shopping at the juniors department, and the closes by admitting that she has the body, so why not? WTF? Live and let live!! She looks great and can rock the shorts!! Why the hate?

Felip... FelipesMom

Those don't even look short to me. FAIL.


In Florida, she damn near has on capris...She looks acceptable to me.

Jessica Palmer

Jealous much? Anyone would wish they could look that good in those shorts.


nonmember avatar krystal

Someone sounds jealous. They really aren't that short.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Seriously and FYI to the author for middle income slender women the option is the junior department. I am 27 and size 2 and the woman's departments in stores around here sizes start at 4, so until my ass grows more I will be shopping in the juniors department. I also wear short shorts and don't care what people say.

nonmember avatar Mon

The jeans look a little high waisted. She also has long legs. I think that's why they look short. I don't see the issue unless her ass was sticking out.


You sound like an uptight PTA president ministers wife! Judge much? She has a nice body so what's the prob?Since when is mid thirties the time to cover up and look neuter, just because she's a mom? Reading this makes me recall the4mutts "EW It's Mary".

BGarcel BGarcel

These are not short. If you think these shorts are like wearing underwear, then you must wear the biggest granny panties ever.

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