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6 Cute Spring Pants to Get You Out of a Rut (PHOTOS)

Yoga pants, skinny jeans, leggings. Yoga pants, skinny jeans, leggings. Yoga pants, skinny ... OK you get the point! Lately I feel like I am in a pants-rut, and I'm ready to get OUT of it! Here are some of the items I'm pondering (at least for those times when I'm not working from home all day and require only PJ bottoms!).

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a style rut?


Image via Anthropologie

Image via Gap

1GAP Slim Cropped "Geo" Pant

These cropped pants are so cute! The material has some stretch to it too, so they'll be just as comfy after lunch. Plus, Gap is having a 30% off sale right now. Win, win! ($54.95 at Gap)

Image via Old Navy

2Old Navy "The Pixie" Skinny-Ankle Pants

These patterned, crop pants are similar to the cute ones at The Gap, but they're only $25 right now! And they come in a whole bunch of really cute patterns and colors. ($25 until 3/16 at Old Navy)

Image via Piperlime

3Hive & Honey Military Twill Slouchy Pant

I just remembered that I actually own a pair of pants very similar to these slouchy twill pants and I love them! I can't wait to dig them out of my summer clothes box! ($69 at Piperlime)

Image via Anthropologie

4Anthropologie "Pilcro Hyphen" Chinos

I am not usually a big "chino" wearer, but these Pilcro chinos caught my eye. I love this "candied ginger" color, and they also come in six other colors, including white (very chic for spring!). ($88 at Anthropologie)

Image via ASOS

5ASOS High Waist Pants in "Relaxed Style"

Granted, high-waist pants from ASOS look like an item of clothing that you'd have to try on before committing to. But I love the high-waist look and also the relaxed fit, and ASOS offers free shipping both ways! (On sale for $46.11 at ASOS)


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