Lea Michele Turns Heads With Another Strange Style Choice (PHOTO)

lea michele glee set instagramLea Michele seems to be rocking something of a new pop star makeover since the release of her new solo album, Louder, and it looks like she's taking Rachel Berry's wardrobe to a whole new level, too. Lea was snapped hanging out on the frigid NYC set of Glee yesterday, wearing a few different outfits, but one in particular stood out ...

At one point, she was wearing teensy black, patent leather shorts over dotted black tights. Eek, what's going on here? Is Rachel done with Funny Girl and already moving on to Fosse?!

Check it out ...


micro patent leather shorts over tights lea michele glee set nyc march 14, 2014

No, but seriously, the eyebrow-raising combo really does work for Lea/Rachel. Not only is she so stunning that she can pull off just about anything (well, except maybe shirts that remind us of Beetlejuice), but the quirky, playful sexiness of the outfit suits her. Also, I am loving the booties! And obviously the whole look makes even more sense under the pretense of being worn on a Broadway stage ...

It's just that in almost any other context, those micro-shorts in general, especially patent, are otherwise inadvisable. Even over tights. For just about anyone. Okay, at least on an 18-degree, blustery late winter day!

At any rate, I'm sure we'll get a full explanation for this ensemble on an upcoming episode of Glee. In the meantime, please, no one else try this at home.

What do you think about Lea's/Rachel's short shorts and tights look?

Images via Lea Michele/Instagram & Splash News

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