Jennifer Lopez's All-Pink Outfit Is WAY Too Much (PHOTO)

jennifer lopezJennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman. In fact, the brief periods of time I've watched American Idol, I'm kind of in awe of how gorgeous and dewy she is. And, uh, is anyone else confused as to how the woman is 44? Doesn't make sense. I think she had a head transplant at some point. But I'm digressing.

We need to talk about JLo's all-pink outfit that everyone is ranting and raving about on the Internets. Everyone is in love with it. Yeah, the woman looks good, because, see above. But I think this is way too much pink for anyone over 4. And even then it's questionable.

I know, I just ruined your weekend, Jennifer. Sorry!


jennifer lopez

The Gloss said that Lopez looked like a "5'5" highlighter" in the get-up, and while I'm not sure I'd go that far, JLo's outfit is a bit ... blinding. (And okay, not everyone is ranting and raving.) There's such a thing as too much pink, and Jennifer has definitely entered into that territory.

Pink pants? Fine. A pink top? Great! A pink dress? Gorgeous!! But bright pink pants and a pink top and pink underwear (just kidding, I have no idea what color JLo's underwear is)? Crazytown. We're veering into costume territory here. Or worse, Paris Hilton territory.

But for the record, Jennifer Lopez still manages to look damn good in this insane outfit. It's gotta be that head transplant.

What do you think of Jennifer Lopez's outfit? Too pink?


Images via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram/J.Sharma/Bruja, PacificCoastNews

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