Stop Being Afraid to Wear Skinny Jeans

skinny jeansSkinny jeans are a wardrobe staple for me. There was a time I was more of a bell bottom girl. I went through a boot cut phase. And once upon a time, I wore wide leg skater pants. There was even a time I hated jeans and only wore dresses and leggings because most jeans didn't fit my body type and this was before stretch denim. But now I love skinny jeans. That's probably an understatement. I think I love them most because ... well ... because of shoes. I love shoes. And the best way to wear the shoes I love is with a skinny jean. Ankle boots. Wedge sandals. Heels. Knee-high boots with jeans tucked in, easily. All these shoes work best with skinny jeans.

And that's why I love them. I also find them irresistibly comfortable and they work with my tunic top kind of style. I thought every woman should wear them. Because of their tightness and stretch, they are essentially like much warmer leggings in denim form. But so many women hate them. And I mean HATE.


Some of my favorite ladies are skinny jean haters. They give you tree trunk legs and unwanted butt crack. They're not for everyone! they told me. They are bad for women with too much in the calves department. The super tight ankle makes the thigh look disproportionately larger. They are not so good for those who are bow-legged. They are too confining. I am short and top heavy and I feel like they make me look shorter and thicker on top. They aren't good for curvy women. Skinny jeans + not skinny = eeek!!! You can only wear them if you are a size 0.

Okay. Okay. No skinny jeans for you. But can't we all get along? I'll be over here with my skinny jeans and my undying love for them with a peace lily hoping for the best. I'm not a size 0! But I wear them. And I'm going to ask you to try them on one more time because I really do think they can work for all women -- the right kind that is. My favorite two pairs are from H&M and Forever 21. Express also has some great ones and my friend loves her pair from American Eagle. The good ones hold the stretch and are so very comfy.

Maybe if we treat them like leggings -- wear with a long top and high boots -- maybe, just maybe you will see the amazing that can be the skinny jean. You don't have to be skinny to wear them, just willing to look your personal skinniest since they basically cling to your body. They are like yoga pants in jean form. Or maybe you want to strangle me with my skinny jeans.

Do you wear skinny jeans? Why do you love or hate them? Would you be willing to try them out again?


Image via Michele Zipp

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