'Stocking Jeans' Sound a Whole Lot Better Than They Look (PHOTOS)

stocking jeanI'm sitting here as I type wearing stocking jeans. Some may call them leggings that look like denim, but they most definitely aren't. They also shouldn't be confused with Pajama Jeans, which I so bravely tested out and have since donated because they looked awful on me and hopefully someone somewhere had better luck with them than I did. These stocking jeans, as the cool kids are calling them these days, are actually more comfortable than Pajama Jeans. I'm sitting. Cross-legged. Computer on lap. I'm comfortable. But taking these for a walk outside is a whole other thing.

They aren't awful looking, but they have their own issues.


The first being the front. Everything seen here is fake. Fake pockets. Fake zipper section. There are just some seams to make it look like you have these things. Kind of like how NASCAR has stickers of headlights on their cars. Why?

The more I stare at this photo, the more weirded out I get at how odd this looks, so let's move on.

Let's look at a close up of the fabric. This is the stocking/legging jean's worst offense.

Dizzy? There's a part of me that feels like we all should forgo the fake jean look and just go with real jeans or real leggings or real stockings. Do we really need this indigo fake denim look? It's like when there's not real wood, but plastic made to look like wood. I guess it's not that bad when it really looks like real wood, but we're talking about clothes here. It's a whole other animal. There are real pockets in the back, but it's really hard to take a selfie of your backside and have it look good. Besides, the way these jeans-not-jeans are cut, I have total '70s butt. Not so cute. Not going to show the world.

I first heard of stocking jeans when Refinery29 introduced me to JBrand's stocking jeans, which looked amazing but cost $224. Anything for a comfortable skinny jean. Then I was in Rite Aid and saw No Nonsense's version for $15 and decided to give them a go. I'm not sorry I did. They really are super comfortable and make very fashionable house pants. (Say that with a British accent.) If I were desperate and at the end of my clean clothes, I'd wear with a long shirt. They seem to be holding their stretch, too. No saggy knees! I can get down with that.

What do you think of the stocking jean? Do you or would you wear them?


Images via Michele Zipp

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