​White Eyeliner Is All the Rage: Here's How to Wear It (VIDEO)

White eyeliner pencil is going to be absolutely HUGE this spring -- and for good reason. There is no cosmetic that can quickly turn tired, red peepers into super pretty ones like this miracle item. The problem most of us encounter when we attempt to make sense of white liner is that we use it like a straight-up black or brown eyeliner pencil, draw a hasty bright line over our eyelids, fail to incorporate it into the rest of our eye makeup, and call it a day. Not good! Think of white eyeliner as magic powder -- it needn't shout "white eyeliner!" to do its job.

Here are 5 ways you can wear white eyeliner to make your eyes look their absolute most amazing.


1. Smudge white liner OVER your black or brown eyeliner along your bottom lashes in order to brighten the eye and actually change the shape of your eyes.

2. Highlight just the inner corners of each eye and then blend using your finger or a Q-tip. This trick will instantly make you look more awake and refreshed. You can also set the liner with a translucent powder to make it last longer.

3. To define the outside corners of your eyes, draw a line from your bottom lash outward after you've applied the rest of your makeup. Blend it well with a Q-tip to give your eyes a sharp angle.

4. White eyeliner isn't just for your eyes! To define your upper lip, trace your cupid's bow with white eyeliner and then follow up with lipliner and lipstick to make lips look really sharp.

5. To highlight your eyebrows and make your arch look more defined, draw a white line along the bottom of your brows and then blend it with a Q-tip.

You didn't think I'd leave you without a fantastic make-up tutorial, did you? Here's a step-by-step video guide on how to try out these 5 simple white eyeliner tricks.

Do you wear white eyeliner? How? If you don't, are you going to try this trend?


Image via Crisco/Corbis

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