Jennifer Aniston's New Look Is So Gorgeous Even Julia Roberts Wants to Steal It

julia roberts jennifer anistonWe already knew most women in America would give a pinky toe to have Jennifer Aniston's perfect beach hair, sun-kissed smooth skin, and rockin' bod -- especially at 45. But now comes word that an equally gorgeous A-list movie star envies her too ... and is going to great lengths to cop Jen's look. The alleged actress: None other than Julia Roberts! Whaaat?!

Yes, the gossip hounds (which, come on now, seem to be fueled far too frequently by sexist stories about famous lady feuds) over at Radar Online claim that Julia "has developed a bit of an obsession with Jennifer, especially in the looks department." Ha, okaaaay? Apparently, because "they are close in age," Julia "wants a makeover along the lines of what Jen has had in the last year and to get same raves on the red carpet as her fellow A-list star."


Okay, first off, I have to argue that Jen isn't nearly the A-lister Julia is, so to use the word "fellow" is completely inaccurate. Nonetheless, I wouldn't be completely surprised if there was perhaps a grain of truth to this, because admittedly, Jen does manage to do a damn good job looking fresh and chic -- in a natural, glowy-gorgeous way. Meanwhile, despite her eternally beautiful self, Julia's been striking out in the style department lately. I mean ... that collared shirt-strapless prom dress combo at the Golden Globes? Horrendous.

So apparently, she has been trying to enlist "Team Aniston," aka Jen's stylist, makeup artist, and even close pal hairstylist Chris McMillan, for advice on revamping her image. And apparently, this is being seen as a big NO-NO! According to the source, “It’s not a cool move to try to raid Jen’s ‘style cabinet’ for all their secrets for how they keep Jen looking so cool and current. ... It remains to be seen whether Jen’s glam squad will help Julia out in a major way, as they are fiercely loyal to her.”

Oh, please! This is Julia freaking Roberts we're talking about here -- I highly doubt she wants to look just like Jen. She probably just wants similar expertise tailored to suit HER look. 

Either way, there's no shame in Julia or any woman getting a style overhaul! If Jen's team is so loyal that they refuse to work with anyone else, so be it. I'm sure there are more than a few talented stylists out there who would be more than happy to work with Julia on breathing new life into her look.

Do you think there's any truth to this? How have you gone about revamping your look in the past?


Images via Jason Merritt/Getty & Jag Gundu/Getty

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