Mom Style: What It Means to Jaiden615

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We all like different styles. Some of us are jeans and t-shirt types, others are often in a dress and heels. But what's great about all of us CafeMoms is that we are all different and we can learn things from each other -- or even just share a good laugh with anecdotal stories of the kids.

I want to talk to you, CafeMoms! Here is my first interview in this ongoing series. Introducing...the beautiful Jaiden615, mom of two boys and one step-daughter. She's kind enough to share a little bit about her cool mom style.


CafeMicheleZ: What beauty or style routine changed most for you when you became a mom?

Jaiden615: Life isnt all about ME anymore so I've adjusted. I definitely put less time into my morning makeup ritual.

CM: What is the one beauty product you cannot live without?

J: Bronzer -- I love it!

CM: What is your go-to style or signature look?

J: As long as I have a good pair of jeans and some killer heels I'm content.

CM: What physical feature do you love most about yourself?

J: I'd say my eyes (after all they are the window to your soul, right) and my skin tone.

CM: Tell us a funny story about beauty or style regarding your kids.

J: My SD loves to play with makeup and one day she dressed my 4-year-old son up like a girl with makeup, heels, a dress, the works -- it was hysterical!

CM: What celebrity do others say you most resemble?

J: Alicia Keys.

CM: Do you like that you are compared to Alicia Keys?

J: Of course! Not only is she stunning, but she is very talented!

Thanks Jaiden615!

I see the resemblance to Alicia Keys, but I also see a little Jessica Alba, too!

Can you relate to Jaiden615? I sure can...jeans and heels make me content, too!

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