Miley Cyrus Does the Unthinkable in a Bikini (PHOTO)

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Miley Cyrus

Well? After Miley Cyrus forgot to get dressed during a recent concert, it's obvious that she's paying a lot more attention to making sure her body is adequately covered up going forward.

Seriously -- she must be trying to reinvent her image, y'all, because she really went the conservative route in a new poolside bikini photo she posted to Instagram.

No, I'm not kidding. Check out Miley's latest getup, which doesn't show her private parts, like, at all.

Miley Cyrus

I know -- you're a little shocked at how normal that bikini is, aren't you? What ... is she becoming a nun or something?

I mean, she did caption the photo with "Dallas hoes" in traditional inappropriate Miley fashion -- but considering how un-skimpy this bikini is, it's practically the equivalent of one of us wearing a mu-mu to the pool.

Miley's turnin' over a new leaf, folks. She's put her boobs and butt back underneath material where they belong -- and it's workin' for her.

Hmm. The fully clothed version of Miley. Who knew we'd ever live to see this day?!? (It's one for the history books, people.)

What do you think of Miley's adequate swimwear?


Images via Instagram

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Rando... Randomlady

Well this is just snarky.

BGarcel BGarcel

Damn. I hate accusing people of being jealous, but this article just reeks of it.

nonmember avatar kayla

it amazes me that her in a bra and panties is shocking but a bikini is 'a mumu'. THEY COVER THE SAME AMOUNT OF SPACE.

Joanie Voss

I think she read The Broadmoor Affairs!

nonmember avatar Lloyd joanisse

Who cares what she is wearing or not covering up. If you don't like it don't look

ElenaC08 ElenaC08

How can she put them back in materials? Theres nothing to put back in she has no body.. shes gross.

Robert Salinas

She's still a skank. No bathing suit can cover that up.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

It sure is Parsee Jealousy and Haters Club in here..
I personally dont care about Miley (neutral) but the massive snowball of hate i see seems to only be disguised jealousy, which is just sad, really.

tl;dr haters gonna hate

nonmember avatar Loki

It's a shame that another free soul might be infected by skin fright perversion.

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