Jennifer Connelly Wears Weird Dress That's Covered in Hard Candy (PHOTO)

Jennifer ConnollyCelebrities wearing edible items as clothing aren't anything new. Katy Perry was swanned about in her fair share of cotton candy and whipped cream and cupcakes. Lady Gaga took a more savory approach with her favorite meat dress. But you don't really think of A-List actresses when you think of this kooky fashion trend. At least, not until now. Jennifer Connelly changed that notion with her latest look.

Connelly wowed on the red carpet for the premiere of Darren Aronofsky's flick Noah. She was certainly turning heads, just probably not solely because of her impeccable skin and captivating gaze. Jennifer was wearing a fitted, white gown by Givenchy as she greeted fans and press. But it was the details on this high-fashion, high-concept gown that really kept people staring.


It looks like her dress is studded with ... starlight mints? You know, the peppermints you get for free upon leaving a dinner at 2 a.m. having eaten your weight in cheese fries? It is so weird, if not entirely unattractive. The dress itself comes from Givenchy's latest candy-inspired collection (not even joking), so that explains the use of the decoration in theory ... though not quite in practice.

Jennifer Connolly

The dress just isn't working! The thing about Katy Perry dressing like a muffin or whatever is that she goes all the way. You can say many things about her style, but you aren't going to say she doesn't commit. This dress backs away from the frivolity of candy as trim; it almost apologizes for it with its sophisticated cut and color. Maybe a simple tweak, like making the color something more playful, would make the dress come together. Or, you know, like nixing the candy altogether maybe. 

What do you think of the look?


Images via Splash News/Getty

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