3 Kinds of Jeans Every Mom Needs & 3 She Should Ditch (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Mar 11, 2014 Beauty & Style

Like shoes and tubes of lipstick, you can never have enough pairs of jeans in your closet. Multiply this rule by a thousand if you're a mom because we desperately need quick, fuss-free dress options that are sturdy enough to hold up after a day of chasing our toddlers, but fashionable enough to look great when we finally venture out of the house for a much-needed cocktail.

But with so many styles of denim out there, it can become easy to get sucked into the vortex of super-trendy, over-the-top, or plain old unflattering jean items that no mom actually needs in her closet. Over the years, I'll admit I've accumulated more pairs of skinny, lime-green jeans with zippers in places zippers aren't needed than I care to admit. The moment I rid myself of these pieces, the better I felt!

Here are 3 kinds of jeans you absolutely need in your closet in order to look your best and 3 you can toss right in the trash.


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  • Moms Need: Perfect Bootleg Fit Jeans


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    Consider these the white T-shirt of the denim universe. Every woman, mom or not, needs a perfect-fitting pair of five-pocket bootleg jeans that are neither too light nor dark in color and sit low enough on the hip to flatter the waist, but aren't so low that you can't pair them with a tee without fearing you're flashing the world. These Boot Cut Low Jeans from H&M are ideal ($39.95 at H&M).

  • Moms Need: Trouser Jeans We Can Wear to Work


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    Trouser jeans sit a little lower on the hips, are slim through the thigh, and feature a flared leg. They sort of look like dress pants, but are much cooler and can be paired with both suit jackets and bow-front blouses or T-shirts. A pair like these ($29.99 at thelimited.com) will give you a polished look but keep things casual.

  • Moms Need: A Sexy Denim Midi Skirt


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    Many of us have denim mini skirts or knee-length skirts that we take out of our closets when the weather warms up. Consider instead a far more fashionable and grownup midi tubed denim skirt like this one from Asos ($26.35 at Asos.com), which features a high fitted waist and just enough stretch to make you look 1960s kittenish when you pair it with a soft, fitted sweater.

  • Ditch: Ripped/Torn Jeans


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    Super skinny jeans are fine. A bit of a rip in your jean (like one) is even fine. But skin-tight denim + rips + fray = Bon Jovi concert circa 1988. Leave this trend to your 15-year-old, who will be more than happy to think she's the first ever to wear torn, tattered jeans.

  • Ditch: Denim Bootie Shorts


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    Denim bootie shorts are maybe -- maybe -- okay if you're lounging poolside and your best tunic is in the wash. But you can be sexy and classy without having to show off your booty when you visit a local restaurant with your kids to chow down on burgers. Look for shorts that are slightly longer in length and snug to show off your curves.

  • Ditch: Jeans That Require Sunglasses to Look At


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    These lime-green jeans would look super cool with the right oversized sweater and ballet slippers but are otherwise too bright, too tight, and too difficult to pair with the tops you actually have in your closet. If you want to add a little color to your jean collection, try sky-blue or a deep hunter green, which can be worn to a nice restaurant AND pair well with other colors.

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