Lena Dunham Flaunts Shocking Beauty Taboo on New 'Glamour' Cover (PHOTO)

lena dunham glamour coverEvery time Lena Dunham makes the cover of a magazine, it's a major topic of conversation, because, well, she's Lena Dunham, and her M.O. is getting us talking. But this time, it's not so much Lena herself or even her much-ballyhooed body raising eyebrows. Instead, it's her ink. Yup, on the April cover of Glamour, which hits newsstands on March 18, Lena Dunham is letting it all hang out -- and by it, I mean her body art.

So? What's the big hairy deal, you ask? Well, if you hadn't noticed, similar to how they seem to feel about plus-sized women, women of color, or anyone who isn't picture perfect in the stereotypical rom-com or high-fashion way, women's magazines don't tend to be down with tattooed ladies. 


Given that visible body art has been seen as "alternative lifestyle-ish" for years, I'm guessing that mainstream women's mags have often seen it as a risk to run a cover model flaunting her ink. But clearly, something has changed. Clearly, Lena's cover proves that at least Glamour is ready to break down that barrier. They seem to be making a statement that tattoos don't necessarily make a woman an offbeat kind of beautiful that needs to be relegated to indie media.

For that reason alone, we can't help but applaud Glamour. Hopefully, it's a sign of even more progress and acceptance to come on the covers of ladymags.

What do think about Lena showing off her ink on the cover of Glamour? Do you wish tattoos were less taboo in this context?


Image via Glamour

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