What the Heck Is Going on With Jessica Simpson's Lips?!? (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson

She's finally reached her goal weight after shedding every last pound she gained while pregnant with baby Ace, and no one can argue that Jessica Simpson looks beyond amazing.

She's toned, fit, and just as gorgeous as ever -- which is why it seems strange for her to want to do anything to change up her beautiful face.

This photo of her and Eric Johnson was taken back in January. Doesn't she look so fresh and natural?

Fast forward to last weekend, when she shared a new picture on Instagram taken at a friend's baby shower. Can someone please tell me why Jessica's lips look so different?!?


Jessica Simpson

What the what?!?

Ok, so she's always had a pretty full pout and all -- but don't her lips appear to be extra enhanced here? And I know the duck face selfie is kind of all the rage, but I really hope she isn't resorting to having any sort of fillers or work done. She doesn't need that sort of thing to be attractive.

The bee stung thing only works if it's not overdone -- which it definitely appears to be in Jessica's case.

Maybe it's just a weird camera angle or a fancy lipstick that delivers an extra dose of plump -- but something odd is going on here. Let's just hope Jess realizes it before she gives herself another dose of whatever it is she's doing.

Do you think Jessica had lip injections?


Images via Instagram

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