Miley Cyrus Forgets to Wear Clothes in Ridiculous ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ (PHOTO)

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus isn't known for her demure sense of style. She's not really known for her demure sense of, well, anything really. In fact, she's known for quite the opposite, frequently donning latex unitards and other attire intending to shock and awe. The costumes she's been wearing while on tour to promote her album Bangerz have certainly been no exception.

For the song "23," Miley typically takes the stage wearing basically just a bra and underwear but paired with some bright chaps. Because of course she does. However, during a recent performance, even the chaps were too much for her to manage during a quick change, and Miley took to the stage in just her black and red striped bra and panties. Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior.

Miley Cyrus

If she hadn't said anything about the event, the odds are high that no one would have noticed the not-so-epic change to her usual costume. But Miley made sure everyone was aware of what went down by taking to Twitter to explain why there was the sudden change-up in her wardrobe.

Miley made it clear that the only reason she had performed in her skivvies was because of her deep and undying love for her fans. Uh, okay Miley. This wasn't an outfit that needed an explanation. In the scope of things (things here being her entire wardrobe), this didn't even rank as one of Miley's more shocking looks. I mean, at least the panties weren't crotchless, right? Plus, I'll be real -- this look might actually be better without the chaps. Just sayin'.

Do you think Miley's explanation was just a means of getting more attention?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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nonmember avatar NK

Please stop reporting on her so that she will go away already. What is so shocking about any of this and why is it news? If she suddenly found herself some self-respect, THAT would be news.

kaley... kaleyplummer

Holy crap! An empire records reference? :-)

BGarcel BGarcel

The Stir Over Dramatizes a Performer's Wardrobe Changes in a Concert!

I vote this to be the title of this article.

And really... She is wearing a bikini. What's so scandalous about that in the first place? Many female performers wear bikini-like constumes in their concerts.

katri... katrinas27

What exactly is so scandalous? Lady Gaga performs in waaAy less!! I don't understand why everyone is always ragging on Miley. She's a performer, that's what she does. If you don't like her or her music, don't listen, that's why there is all kinds!

nonmember avatar Dr. Eye

With such gaunt, untoned, sagging buttocks, what is she trying to show off? Let's pray she starts to cover that droll behind before midlife sag makes it even worse.

nonmember avatar Karen

Poor Girl... what more can I say? Therapy maybe? Everyone should pray for her.

nonmember avatar Robin

Love love love the Empire Records quote!!! Used to use that one a lot!!! Now Debra don't be bitter...!!! Lol

nonmember avatar Roger Allen

luv it pretty colors looks tasty

nonmember avatar babygirl

Absolute waste of space and frankly the more air this he/he "it" breathes is just one less breath of fresh air innocent children and humans with class and a sense of morals are being deprived of. If ever the psychiatric diagnosis of "delusions of grandeur" Is applicable it is to this individual. Often I gaze at the little Hannah Montana clock on my daughter's desk and I want to smash it but since I regulate and monitor what she is exposed to, she had no idea what has become of "Hannah Montana" and so the clock ticks away -- sadly in her desperate attempt to rid herself of the fresh faced "clean" and "good girl" Disney reputation she so obviously despised, she is on the fast-track to a very quick and early trip to the grave. I don't feel badly for her one scintilla. I don't feel badly for her mother whom I've seen encourage the behaviour but I do feel very badly for her father who has desperately tried to do right by her and was struck down at every turn by the "I'm the cool friend not a mother" mom. That attitude mixed with a ludicrous amount of cash will turn any brat into a self destructive whore with massive low self-esteem who will do just about anything for attention -- no self respecting REAL MAN would touch her and that's the truth she's ruined herself for an honest man with any integrity! ! Maybe she'll reign it in before she drives herself straight into that grave she's already dug for herself!!!

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