Lauren Conrad Chops Off Her Hair but Something's Not Right (PHOTO)

Lauren Conrad rarely, if ever, makes a beauty or, let's face it, life mistake. The former The Hills star is kicking butt as a fashion designer, is engaged to musician William Tell, and is even a published author. For the past -- gosh, has it been a decade already? -- Lauren sported the typical beach blonde goddess hair of every California Girl wannabe's dream: long, loose, wavy, perfect.

Well, the golden-haired princess just got a chop, and though we're grateful she didn't go for a bob or lob like every other celeb on earth, she did something that doesn't look quite right.


Lauren cut about four inches of length from her hair and is now sporting a blunt, straight style:

The result is, I think, meant to make her look more urban sophisticate than surfer girl cool. And, in that respect, it works. I am proud of her for not reverting back to the same-old long layered style, which looks totally pretty, but isn't very original.

But here's the issue: if you're going to cut your hair so that the ends are sharper and more blunt, you have to be sure if looks ultra healthy. The ends of Lauren's hair appear to be suffering and are maybe the teeniest bit too fried and overprocessed for this cut to work the way it should. I almost find myself wishing she had gone a few inches shorter in order to bring out its health and shine.

If you want an example of a blunt cut that really works, check out Jessica Alba's style from a few moons ago. Her hair looks soft at the ends and totally touchable. Of course, Lauren needn't go this short -- but a few more inches off and a good conditioning treatment would do wonders for the beautiful star.

Which Lauren Conrad hairstyle do you prefer -- long, loose waves or shorter, straighter, and more blunt?


Image via Celebrity Monitor/Splash News/Corbis

Image via Charley Gallay/Getty Images


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