Lorde Flashes Sports Bra Under Dressy Suit & the Result Is Startling (PHOTO)

Lorde Singer Lorde isn't the first diva-on-the-rise to make witchy-fashion her go-to look. One need look no further than Stevie Nicks for proof that I speak true. But Lorde is rocking a fresh new take on the old-school, drape-loving, black-lipstick, and plenty-of-shawls, vibe that Nicks made so popular. Take the outfit she recently rocked at a concert to promote her album Pure Heroine. 

Lorde took to the stage rocking an ensemble that made her look way older than her 17 years. Maybe this is part of why those rumors about her being older than she claims keep coming up? With long, flowing locks, her trademark dark purple lipstick, Lorde looked 100% awesome and 80% like Morticia Addams. There is zero shame in that game, friends. Zero shame, I say. 


Her clothing itself for the show was captivating. She didn't exactly adopt a wide array of colors for her performance palate. Instead she picked a white skirt, a long, white coat (paging Doctor Lorde to surgery) and what looked like a black sports bra. Is there anything less flattering on the planet than a black sports bra? I highly doubt it. But if we discover it, can we please make Lorde try to wear it -- because I feel like she would make it look like high fashion.

Lorde sports bra in concert

You'll only catch me in a sports bra when I'm hunched over and frantically changing at the gym, or in balmier weather walking the dog when my bralessness cannot be hidden beneath my ratty puffy coat. Lorde makes the bra look like an item worthy of coveting. She also doesn't make it seem risque. If anything, it seems dainty, a natural fit to complete her monochromatic look. You know I love Stevie Nicks (TWIRL STEVIE, STEVIE) but I'll take this look over crochet shawls any day of the week.

What do you think the least flattering piece of clothing on the planet is?


Image via Instagram/Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty 

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