Lea Michele's Bizarre Makeover Has Her Looking Like a Hot Mess (PHOTO)

lea michele louder album coverLea Michele is everywhere lately, promoting her new solo album, Louder, which Glee fans and fans of diva-powered music everywhere are understandably beyond psyched for. But along with her new foray into pop music, Lea seems to have an eyebrow-raising new hairstyle.

We've seen asymmetrical dresses and top hems all over, but asymmetrical bangs are a whole different story. Oh yes, Lea appears to be rocking fringe that's a party on the left, business on the right, and all around weird.


lea michele hair bangs asymmetrical

So strange, right? Only last week at a listening event, her bangs were all one length ... So, we kinda have to wonder: Is this new half-short, half-long look intentional, her stylist's artsy experiment, or a total mistake? If it was on purpose, is it a kooky nod to the '80s? (I feel like the last time we saw this, it was in a Duran Duran video or something ...) And aside from the wacky bangs, what is up with that witchy-goth manicure and Beetlejuice-print get-up? Make it stopppp!

I get Lea's need to break out of her Glee bubble, but here's hoping she doesn't think she needs an avant-garde Gaga (or even Katy Perry) makeover on us to sell her new album.

What do you think about Lea Michele's weird bangs? Or whole look here?

Images via Columbia Records & Andrew H. Walker/Getty

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