Taylor Swift Goes Out & Forgets to Wear Pants (PHOTO)

taylor swiftTaylor Swift went out the other day and forgot to wear pants. There, I said it. The singer walked around town in her underwear, likely due to the fact that she woke up late and couldn't find her favorite J. Brand jeans. Okay, I'm kidding. You got me. But Taylor Swift did wear the shortest shorts known to man recently. In fact, I don't even think these fall under the category of shorts because, uh, well, look at them.

Regardless, Taylor looks awesome in whatever she's wearing -- legz for dayz! But I wouldn't recommend trying this at home. Unless you're Taylor Swift's doppelganger.


Although a risque fashion choice, I've gotta say, these shorts don't look trashy on Taylor at all, as they would if another pop star were to wear them (coughMileyCyruscough [has that joke gotten old enough yet?]). She's clearly got the sticks for them, and I think with her baggy Captain America sweater, Ray-Bans, and red lipstick, it looks kinda cute. Again, not a look many other people can pull off.

I suppose it's worth noting that Taylor was leaving a dance studio when she was spotted in the shorts, but she had to have liked the way she looked in them; otherwise, she would have changed before entering the paparazzi den. And I kinda like how she looks, too. Though this is one outfit I will never, ever attempt to replicate.

What do you think of Taylor's outfit?

Image via Splash News

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