The One Laser Treatment That Won't Make You Go Broke

I’ve been obsessed with skin laser treatments since I first read about them a few years ago in Vogue. I always assumed the treatments would be out of my price range and, I'm right -- most are. But laser genesis is different. The procedure, which takes just 30 minutes, is only relatively uncomfortable, and basically zaps redness from your skin, cost me $150. Still a crazy amount to spend? Perhaps. But if it allows me to purchase fewer skin care products and cosmetics, I consider it a steal.


Like I said, laser genesis reduces a great deal of redness and unevenness in your skin. It won't zap brown spots -- that'll take a much more painful and expensive IPL laser -- but it definitely makes your pores seem smaller and softens very fine lines.

Here’s what it’s like to have the procedure done:

1. You walk into your dermatologist's office or a medispa. You fill out a very scary form that asks you to testify that no one in your immediate family has ever suffered from anything more harmful than chicken pox. You rack your brain to remember what medications you have taken recently and if you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to anything in your life. You sign it and immediately regret signing it because today will surely be your last day on earth.

2. Dermatologist cleans your skin very, very well. Most makeup, save your mascara and eye shadow, is removed.

3. Dermatologist secures damp cloth and goggles over your eyes. You wonder if it’s worth it to live the rest of your life as a blind woman with very beautiful skin.

4. The laser itself feels like a July sun peeping slowly out from the clouds. The heat is targeted to very small areas of your face and gets progressively hotter. You hear a beep-beep-beep sound as the laser gently shoots hot air over parts of your face. My dermatologist started on my forehead, which she told me tends to sting most because it’s made up of thinner skin. She then moved the laser counter-clockwise. This rotation lasted about 25 minutes. The last three or four minutes of the treatment consisted of quicker, pulsating beep-beep-beep sparks concentrated on the sides of my nose, tops of my cheeks, and neck area.

5. Dermatologist applies sunscreen to the your face (SPF 80 for me) and chastises you if you haven’t brought a wide-brimmed hat to her office to wear home.

My skin looked vibrant and healthy right after the treatment and was just the tiniest bit flushed, as if I’d been out in the sun that afternoon. The redness faded after a few hours, and the best part — my skin looked even better two days later.

Scariest part of the treatment, besides paying for it:

On occasion, you may feel a strong spark of fire shoot out at your skin. Chances are, the laser is just targeting a scar or major flaw in the skin. Oh, and if you smell something burning, do not be alarmed. It’s just your peach fuzz being zapped to oblivion.

What do you think? Have you or would you try a laser skin treatment?


Image via Creasource/Corbis

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