6 Makeup-Free Celebrities Whose Faces Will Shock You (PHOTOS)

6 Makeup-Free Celebrities Whose Faces Will Shock You (PHOTOS)

BeyonceCelebs are under a whole lot of pressure to look as good as they can, all day long. But in an age where Instagram rules, more and more often, we're catching glimpses of what they look like when they aren't busy being the beautiful creatures we have all come to know and love.

Like us, there are days where makeup definitely helps bolster them up. But more often than not, they looked even more stunning without their foundation, eyebrows, and heavy lipstick. It's easier than ever thanks to the Internet to find pics of celebs not looking their greatest, but we thought it would be fun to find makeup-free pictures of celebs who actually look good!

Naturally, this includes some of our favorites like Beyonce and Jessica Simpson. These woman are so naturally good-looking that it should come as no surprise that they totally crush it when it comes to giving up the makeup for a day or two and letting their skin get some well-deserved air.

That's right, I'm basically saying that going without makeup is like a red carpet for their faces. And I stand by it. Even unsuspected divas make the list, like Nicki Minaj. It's hard to picture what she'd even look like without makeup. So much so I had to stare at her selfie for a full minute before realizing who I was looking at!

Which celeb would you like to see without makeup?


Image via Beyonce/Instagram

  • Katie Holmes


    Image via Pacific Coast News

    Holmes looks sophisticated no matter what she does, but she seems more approachable and younger without her usual war paint.

  • Cameron Diaz


    Image via Instagram

    Cam Cam looks mesmerizing when she goes without makeup -- look at her eyes! Totally captivating!

  • Courtney Stodden


    Image via Twitter

    1.) She claims this is makeup-free.

    2.) No one is looking at her face.

  • Jessica Simpson


    Image via Marie Claire

    This makeup-free cover caused controversy. Folks thought JSimp looked too GOOD to be makeup-free. I say three cheers for her stunning complexion!

  • Beyonce


    Image via Beyonce/Instagram

    I can't even with how cute this pic of a makeup-free Bey is!

  • Nicki Minaj


    Image via Instagram

    Nicki Minaj is virtually unrecognizable without her trademark Barbie look.

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