Michelle Obama Shocks With New Hair but She Needs to Be Careful (PHOTO)

MobamaMichelle Obama has killer style. Everything she wears sells out almost immediately. In fact, we credit this woman for the sleeveless trend that's STILL taking the nation by storm. Cut to me weeping and doing weight training exercises to turn my doughy arms into exquisitely sculpted treasures (spoiler alert: hasn't happened yet). This time it looks like Mrs. Obama is helping to spark another trend -- with her hair.

She's not been afraid in the past to take risks with her tresses. And good for her! She's a fearless role model, who isn't afraid that playing with fashion and style will detract from the powerful messages she tries to share about health, fitness, and wellness through better eating. This time she pushed things to the extreme by dyeing her hair honey-blonde!


I happen to think that Michelle's look is simply stunning. I was terrified when the news first broke that I was going to click a link and be directed to photos of the First Lady's total hair disaster. Imagine my delight when instead I was presented with these totally artful highlights! The color warms her whole complexion. It's a fun, subtle, but noticeable change for the spring and I can't get enough of it.


But here's hoping she doesn't fall victim to something that most bottle-blondes stumbled into from time to time. Being blonde is so much fun that sometimes folks add more and more, going waaaaay too blonde. It looks like Michelle is working with an exceptional stylist, so hopefully she'll be steered away from making such a rookie mistake and maintain this classy, sophisticated, and subtly frosted look.

What do you think of Michelle's new look?


Images via Instagram/Luis M. Alvarez/AP/Corbis

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