Demi Lovato's Daring New Hair Is Crazy But Do You Love It Anyway?

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato made some big changes to her look, and we kind of love what she's done in spite of ourselves. Demi shared photographs of her new haircut via Instagram, and they are jaw-dropping. No, she didn't go pixie, nor did she dye her hair some zany shade. Though, to be fair, it was already pink, which is pretty zany. Instead, Demi was the latest to try out what we're willing to go so far and call a new hair trend -- she shaved off half of her hair!

Eep! On some folks, this cut would look like the barber was drunk at the clippers, but Demi is totally pulling it off. The asymmetrical look may not be for everyone, but it really emphasizes her high cheekbones in a great way and draws attention to her killer smile.


It's a pretty extreme look, but one that, in spite of this, is growing in popularity among the more famous set. Folks like Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones have been seen lately rocking a half-shave on the red carpet and beyond. It's enough to make us wonder what we'd look like with the 'do. That said, I don't know that many of us are ballsy enough to break out the clippers.

But there are other shaving-free ways of achieving the same sort of effect with your own hair. For one easy fix, clip back just one side of your hair for an elegant, asymmetrical style that plays up the same features this cut does. If barrettes aren't your jam, a one-sided braided section close to the scalp also works. If you're feeling slightly braver, a streak of bright temporary color beginning at just one temple is another way to go bold like Demi.

What's the craziest hairstyle you've ever had?


Image via Instagram

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