Keira Knightley's Bizarre Dress Is What Nightmares Are Made Of (PHOTO)

Women come in all wonderful shapes and sizes, and this is in no way an attempt to skinny shame actress Keira Knightley, who I think is a stunning girl. BUT. Did you see the crazy Chanel dress she wore to the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week? From the chest up, it's fantastic -- a ladylike black and white shell with sweet short sleeves and an adorable bow-tie collar. From the hips down, it's also a great, classic dress -- white with black piping along the bottom hem.

But what the heck is going on around her waist? Or, should I say, her lack of a waist?


Keira's dress features an extremely cinched waist -- like the kind last seen on an 1800s ball gown -- and a color blocking optical illusion that makes it appear as if she has the waistline of a 5-year-old child:

Look, we know Keira is naturally a very slim person. But this isn't about her body type -- it's about that dress. It's very avant-garde, for sure, which may be what she was going for. It's designed to create the illusion of a barely there midsection. But it gives Keira the look of an extraterrestrial who has just landed on Earth to join a circus. It defies nature. And am I the only one who thinks it's slightly unattractive?

It's one thing to show off a slim waistline -- quite another to take an already slim waistline and dress it in a way that narrows it down until it's practically invisible.

Let's hope Chanel isn't championing a return to the days of tight corsets. A naturally slim waistline is always going to be desirable, but it should still look natural.

What do you think of Keira's dress -- do you love or hate it?


Photo via Foc Kan/Getty

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