Teresa Giudice's New Hair Makes Her Look Like a Different Person (PHOTO)

joe giudiceI'm sorry, but is that Teresa Giudice or Farrah Fawcett? It kinda looks like 1970s, heyday Farrah Fawcett. Oh wait, it's just Teresa Giudice coming out of court after pleading guilty to fraud charges. My bad.

I mean, Tre looks good with her new flowing 'do, but I can't be the only person who thinks she and husband Joe kinda look like extras on the set of American Hustle in this pic, can I?


All right, joking aside, let's discuss The Real Housewife of New Jersey's new hairstyle for a minute. It isn't too much of a deviation from her old look, but it's different enough to notice. Tre's hair has volume (of course), but is straight on the top, and then goes into some lovely feathering at the bottom. It's a nice change, but methinks that cost some money, which, if my calculations are correct, Joe and Teresa are out of right now.

Okay, fine, I'm being catty. Sorry. Teresa's new style is nice. I like it. Really! How do you think she achieved this retro look? I'm guessing in order to obtain such volume, body, and length, there are a few extensions in there. I'm thinking she used a root lifter on her head when her hair was still damp; then dried it; then curled the bottom half with just the wand of her curling iron. And, of course, finished up with a Staten Island Ferry-load of hairspray like any self-respecting New Jersey girl would.

Lookin' good, Teresa!

What do you think of Teresa's new look? Do you think both she and Joe will wind up in jail?


Image via Splash News

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