10 of Your Mom's Amazing Beauty Products That Women STILL Love (PHOTOS)

There are times when we want the latest and the greatest beauty product that money has to offer. And then there are times when we bring that new shiny product home, use it once, and realize it's okay, but that it's nothing like the cream good ol' grandma swore by. There's a reason certain creams, soaps, and makeup products become cult classics and continue to receive favorable reviews after years and years (and sometimes even decades or centuries) on the market: they're simply that good.

Whether you're an Oil of Olay devotee or have fond memories of your mom or grandmother removing her makeup at night with Pond's Cold Cream, these 10 retro products may look familiar -- or not. The one thing they all have in common is that they've stood the test of time and continue to be hits among women looking for skincare and beauty products that really work.


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  • Oil of Olay


    Yes, Oil of Olay has reinvented itself since its 1949 inception and now offers a much more elaborate and expensive line. The original "beauty fluid" stood out because of its pretty pink color, but women soon came to realize it had -- and still has -- remarkable moisturizing properties. It doesn't hurt that many of us associate our moms with the pretty bottle ($19.95 at Amazon.com).

  • Pond's Cold Cream


    "Pond's Vanishing Cream" and "Pond's Cold Cream" became a hit with women in the early 1900s and even inspired Queen Marie of Romania to write the company requesting more of its product after her 1923 trip to America. Pond's is still known as a no-fuss, effective cleanser that does a fantastic job of removing all of your makeup before bedtime ($4.99 at Target).

  • Smith's Rosebud Salve


    Forget chapstick. Smith's Rosebud Salve is a must if you want supremely soft lips, hands, cuticles -- you name it. This product was developed in 1892 and works wonders on dry skin, minor skin irritations, and some even use it on diaper rash ($6 at Sephora).

  • Eudermine Lotion


    Shiseido introduced Eudermine lotion in Japan in 1897. The moisturizer gets high praise for softening the dryest of skin, helping with red blotchy spots, and absorbing easily into the skin ($56 at Sephora).

  • Santa Maria Novella Body Milk


    My Italian relatives swear by Santa Maria Novella body creams and claim they keep skin smooth and cellulite-free. Its hugely popular Body Milk, which has been around for -- get this -- 700 years, contains little more than gardenia, rose, and vegetable oils, but is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves it baby-soft ($85 at santamarianovellausa.com).

  • Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder


    Women have been using Coty's lightweight translucent powder since the 1920s. And you'll even feel like a silent movie star when you brush that vintage soft puff applicator against your skin ($7.49 at Walgreens).

  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream


    Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream was created in 1930 by Elizabeth herself as a moisturizing lotion she could use to soothe the bruises on her thoroughbred horses' legs! It's now regularly used by women all over the world to help moisturize dry skin and even keep eyebrows in place ($19.50 at elizabetharden.com).

  • Frownies


    I know, I'm dubious of these too, but Frownies are legendary and a great many people SWEAR they help reduce expression lines and wrinkles. Frownies were invented in 1889 and are, very simply, patches that are applied across the forehead, between the eyes, and over crows' feet. The jury's still out on whether they are as effective as some say, but you have to admit they're A LOT less expensive than Botox ($16.75 at Amazon).

  • Mason Pearson 'Detangler' Hair Brush


    Whoa, $110? For a hair brush?! I know, I know, but hair fanatics insist the rubber-cushioned Mason Pearson hair brush, developed in 1905, magically keeps static at bay and makes your hair look its healthiest and shiniest ($110 at Nordstrom).

  • Yardley London Soap


    Few soaps smell as amazingly fresh, yet subtle, as Yardley English Lavendar Bar Soap ($3.99 at Walgreens). Yardley London has been making its beautiful, fragrant soaps since 1770, and the winning line still leaves skin as smooth and silky as ever.

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