‘Downton Abbey’ Star Shocks by Going Nearly Nude in White See-Through Dress (PHOTO)

michele dockery Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery (known to fans as Lady Mary, but of course) is totally having a moment, and she's got the fashion chops to do it with style. Just check out out her recent cover shoot for Manhattan magazine! Sister-friend has star power. She's doing her best to make sure everyone knows that Lady Mary (while awesome) is just a character. Nothing says "I am not who I play" like the super-revealing white frock she donned for her shoot!

Not only is Dockery the star of the major and majorly beloved British drama, but she's popping up on the big screen more and more often. Most recently she's starring in the Liam Neeson thrill-vehicle Non-Stop, which I will be seeing as soon possible. It's clear she wants us to remember her, and she's working with stylists to pick out looks that continue to make her pop -- in more ways than one!


This white dress is a perfect example of what we mean. At first glance, the look is totally demure. I mean, if you want to scream 'innocence,' nothing does it quite like a long-sleeved white dress, right? But then you look again and, upon closer inspection, she is basically ... nude! Seriously!

michelle dockery

The dress isn't white so much as it's totally sheer, with strategically placed white panels. It's a pretty bold and scandalous look for a pretty bold and scandalous lady. But somehow on Michelle, it manages to stink of glamour instead of coming across as totally trashy, as it might on someone else. Who knew that going next to naked could come across as staid and high-fashion?

What do you think of Michelle's look?


Image via Instagram

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