Jennifer Lawrence 'Forgets' to Wear Underwear in Sexy Sheer Dress (PHOTO)

jennifer lawrenceLet's talk about going commando, ladies. Are you into it? Think it's trashy? Jennifer Lawrence is into it. In fact, the actress is so into it that she wore a gorgeous sheer dress sans underwear at an Oscars after-party. And it looked stunning.

As you can see below, the dress wasn't completely sheer -- that'd be lingerie. Instead, the sparkly Tom Ford mini dress had two sheer panels going down the sides. And how could JLaw wear underwear with that? Underwear strings showing through the black mesh? Pass.

The thing is, occasionally when we see the sheer/underwearless look, it does look kind of trashy. But, like I said, on Lawrence, it looks anything but. Perhaps it's because we all know and love Jennifer's personality, but also, I think her hair, makeup, and the fact that she's not duck facing give the look a fresh and edgy feel as opposed to a risque one.

Also, it's worth noting, if you are going to go commando in a dress, there are a few rules that ought to be followed.


jennifer lawrence

1. Mind how you get in and out of cars. We've all seen those photos of Paris, Britney, and Lindsay -- and it's not a good look. Keep your legs crossed and hold your dress down when entering or exiting your limo. A little mystique goes a long way.

2. Sit with your legs crossed and your hands folded on your lap. Unless you want to go Basic Instinct on everyone. (Note: You don't.)

3. Don't get wasted. Just don't. Wastyface + no underwear = recipe for disaster.

And if none of these rules are to your liking, you can always just, you know, wear underwear.

Do you ever go commando? Okay, that was inappropriate -- do you like Jennifer Lawrence's dress?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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