5 Ways to Heal Your Icky Cracked Heels Just in Time for Sandal Season

bare feet for sandal seasonYou'd never know it looking out the windows, but spring is just around the corner. It's already March! But don't tell that to our cracked, dried out, and abused feet. In just a matter of months, we'll be breaking out our sandals and our flip-flops. After months of hiding away in boots and suffering the indignity of icy puddles, raw wind, and chafing, our feet are anything but ready for flaunting.

One problem foot-area many of us share? Our heels. While the rest of our feet are easy to get back into shape with a little lotion and maybe a night or two in soothing socks and a visit to the pedicure place, our heels seem to be made of tougher stuff altogether. And that stuff is strangely reminiscent of an elephant's foot.


But do not despair, lady fair! There is still time to make your heels as baby-butt soft as the rest of your parts, and we come to you with some tried and true (if occasionally off) methods to get you there! Be proud of your feet! They work hard all day, and you should be happy to let them get some sun and fun when the warmer days come. Here are some tips to get them ready:

1. Banana Peels!

Weird but true -- plus great because it involves getting to eat a banana! Put the peel against your cracked skin and keep in place with a sock while you sleep. In the morning, you'll be ready to go after that softened skin in the shower with a pumice stone or soft brush.

2. Paraffin Treatments

This one is perfect for both elbows and heels. The combination of oils in these at-home paraffin wax kits works wonders. They seal in moisture with the soothing power of heat for maximum, lovely softness.

3. Cranberry Scrubs

Exfoliation is key -- so look for scrubs that contain cranberries when it comes to exfoliating your heels. Whyfor? Because cranberries have an exceptionally high sugar content, which makes them ideal scrubbers and brighteners!

4. Raid Your Baby's Beauty Stash

Moisturizers designed for babies can really do the trick! This is because they are designed to seal in moisture. If you can't bring yourself to raid the diaper cream, invest in a heavy-duty sealing-in moisturizer, like Vaseline.

5. Aloe Socks

Sure, when your feet are a little dry, wearing socks with aloe to bed can do the rick, but our reptilian heels laugh at the very thought of these socks. Beat your gator feet at their own game. Wear those socks 24/7! Pamper your feet during the workday and not just while you're sleeping. The constant moisture, protection, and (ew) let's say, heat-activation caused by moving your feet around will turn your shoes into delicious, soothing saunas.

How do you cure cracked heels?


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