8 Oscars 2014 Hairstyles We Gushed Over & 8 That Left Us Speechless (PHOTOS)

There were so many gorgeous dresses at this year's Oscars. But here's the unfortunate reality: if a celeb's hairstyle falls flat on the big night, it drags down her entire look. It's totally unfair, we know, but it doesn't keep us from expecting much, much more from the women whose looks we admire -- and who are paying big bucks to look dreamy. Plenty of stylish starlets absolutely killed it on the red carpet this year -- I mean, Cate Blanchett is just a flawless example, isn't she? -- but a few also disappointed us big time.

Here's a look at 16 of the greatest and worst Oscar hairstyles we saw this year.

What were your favorite and least favorite hairstyles at this year's Oscar awards?


Image via Paul Fenton/ZUMA Press/Corbis

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