Bethenny Frankel's Latest Wardrobe Malfunction Looks Awfully Familiar (VIDEO)

There is just something about Bethenny Frankel that is adorably endearing. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I haven’t yet been indoctrinated into the cult of Real Housewives, or maybe it’s my love of Skinny Girl cocktails, but I can’t help but like the girl.

Even with her embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions that leave us wondering if it wasn’t really an “on purpose” instead of an accident. Earlier this week on her soon-to-be-defunct talk show, Bethenny got some fitness tips from Dancing With the Stars’ Cheryl Burke, but seemed to forget about her short skirt.


Cheryl was totally down to show Bethenny some moves to sculpt her hiney into perfection, and demonstrated some squat-and-lift exercises. The DWTS pro was wearing pants. Our “absent-minded” hostess was wearing a dress with a very short hemline.

You can guess what happened. The show covered up the oopsie with a disco ball, and the audience had a good laugh, and of course Bethenny handled it like a pro, acting appropriate embarrassed and getting right back up to try a new move, and saying, “Alright everybody!” as the crowd laughed.

Of course it was all very familiar, seeing as how this isn’t the first time the former reality star has flashed the audience a little more than they bargained for. Two years ago, she caused Anderson Cooper to burst into a fit of giggles when her skirt flew up and exposed her pink panties. And anyone that can make Anderson Cooper giggle is A-OK in my book, wardrobe malfunctions and all.

Do you think Bethenny’s wardrobe malfunctions are legitimate or staged?


Image via Fox 5

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