11 Mortifying '80s Beauty Fails We Wish We Could Forget (PHOTOS)

As we grow older and start to spot a few gray hairs and signs of crow's feet -- not that any of us have crow's feet -- we sometimes hold on for dear life to memories of our younger selves. We re-imagine our teens and twenties as a time when we had perfect skin, style sense, and looked as doggone hot as we ever would.

Pure fantasy! The truth is, for those of us who lived one second of our lives in the 1980s, we were a hot mess. A total, complete, slouchy sock-wearing, contoured blush-sporting mess. If you're caught up in nostalgia and wishing you could turn back the hands of time, let these 11 examples of truly terrifying '80s beauty and fashion fails make you feel very, very fortunate that you are your age, living in this time.




Image via twitchery/Flickr

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