Rihanna's 'Naked Top' Isn't a Good Look for Her (PHOTO)

rihannaI don't claim to have my thumb on the pulse of the fashion industry, but I'm sorry: When did nipples become stylish? I'm no prude, and when done tastefully, I think bare breasts and fashion can go hand-in-hand beautifully, but Rihanna's nipple-baring outfit is just ... not cute. It's just boobs and a piece of netting. Why, Rihanna, why?







We all know that Bad Girl RiRi is a risk taker when it comes to style, and I quite like that about her. She's young, beautiful, has a killer body -- why not go against the grain? Why not show off what she's got? But there is a line between tastefully risque and being risque just for the sake of being risque. And the thing is, I actually think this outfit, overall, is cool. The leather skirt, the mesh top -- very S&M chic. But the outfit is completely overshadowed by Rihanna's boobs in our face. If she would have worn a black bra underneath, we would have been able to appreciate this more. Now, it's hard to think of the whole thing beyond anything of pure shock value. 

I highly doubt Rihanna gives a shih tzu about what I, or most people, think of her and her clothes. And I truly respect her for that. But I just can't get beyond what appears to be part of a Halloween "punk rocker" costume and no bra. Sowwy.

Thoughts on Rihanna's braless mesh shirt?


Image via lisbethdarling/Instagram

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