How to Fake Bangs When You Don’t Want to Cut Your Hair

how to fake bangsTo get bangs or not to get bangs -- that is the question. It seems like lately having a long, thick fringe (to get all British with it) is in vogue once again. Zooey Deschanel definitely paved the way with her signature hair look. But now other celebs at every level are trying them out! First Bachelor star and newlywed Catherine Giudici gave the bangin' look a try, and now actress Eva Longoria has debuted her cunning new cut.

But bangs can be a major commitment. Sometimes you get the cut and immediately regret it. Then comes the most arduous part of the process: waiting for them to grow back out, ugh! But never fear folks. We live in a truly modern age, and now you can check out just how you look with bangs without going under the proverbial knife. Hallelujah!


Wigs and hairpieces aren't just for Marie Antoinette or Real Housewives anymore (I'm looking at you Kim Zolciak). Once putting in false hair required an almost professional level of expertise. But now -- without forking out major cheddar -- you can have bangs for even just a day with minimal hassle and zero regrets. As an added bonus, with clip-in bangs, you can begin to cultivate your very own bathroom drawer that you can label "fake hair." Who doesn't want that?!

There are all sorts of companies that are selling them now and at a wide variety of price points. Ulta offers some at just under 30 bucks courtesy of the appropriately named "Hairuwear." For a more natural, angled, and windswept look (my personal favorite), you need go no further than Amazon, where Maysu offers clip-ins for less than $10! Ba-boom! Now you have officially no reason not to see if you can rock this sultry look.

Are you pro or anti bangs?


Images via MAYSU/Amazon/Ulta

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