Paris Hilton's Ridiculous Wardrobe Malfunction Wasn't an Accident (PHOTO)

paris hiltonIt's been a while since we heard from Paris Hilton, so naturally, a wardrobe malfunction was in order. On Saturday, at Hilton's 33rd birthday in Los Angeles, the former Famous for Being Famous Queen flashed pretty much her entire bottom half, which, oopsie, doesn't appear to have underwear on.

This poor girl! This just keeps on happening to her! Poor thing must be so embarrassed!


I'm kidding. Check her out. Do she and her strategic tan lines look embarrassed?

paris hilton

Ew, dude. If you ask me, this was totally done on purpose. I mean, who wears a dress with a slit like that and no, or very little, underwear underneath? I'm not buying this one as an accident for a nanosecond.

And for those of you who think little ol' Paris may have just been the unfortunate victim of a run-away up-to-the-crotch slit incident, check out this video:

No way, Paris. Not buyin' it. You totally knew what you were doing here, as no woman would ever go underwearless in a dress like that. And hey, look! It's working! I'm writing all about it! Paris 1; blogger 0.

Do you think Paris Hilton's wardrobe malfunction was done on purpose or an accident?


Image via Splash News

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