5 Craziest Red Carpet Looks As Worn by a Nobody in Her Kitchen (PHOTOS)

lara flynn boyleAwards season and its star, the Oscars, are great for a number of reasons. For the style-obsessed, that walk down the red carpet is sure to provide some fabulous moments. There are the dresses so gorgeous we'll remember them forever, and then there are the looks we'll remember ... for other waaay less glamorous reasons. Over the years, there have been just as many cringe-worthy gowns as stunning ones. And with the 2014 Oscars this Sunday, we're sure to see a lot more of the good -- and the very, very bad.

Strangely, it's the weird and outrageous takes on style that stay with us, maybe even more than the heavenly couture that floats down past the flashbulbs. It got me thinking: We're always looking to celebrities for inspiration when it comes to how we dress and style our hair. Why not see how the average person looks trying on their more, um, "unique" outfits?


I picked five memorable red carpet looks and adapted them for wear by the average citizen. Namely, myself. Obviously none of these will work as street-wear (and more's the pity) but we think this here slideshow is a fitting homage to the Oscars. Aaaand if you'd like some tips on how to make your own swan suit -- I'd be happy to oblige.

Who looks more ridiculous, the stars or the non-famous chick in her kitchen? You decide! 


Image via John Kaploff/Getty

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