How To Get the Perfect Bangs For Your Face

Catherine Giudici

Guys. GUYS. Have you seen Catherine Giudici lately? No no, not like -- getting married to Bachelor star Sean Lowe, lately. As in just the other day when she revealed her hot new hair style. That's right, Catherine Giudici got bangs (at a joint haircut with her hubby, nonetheless!) and she looks amazeballs. I may not be the biggest CG fan in the world, but I'll be the first person to admit that lady looks good. Like, really good. Like, I'm already starting to forget what she looked like before bangs, good.

Bangs are no minor decision for a woman older than say, oh, 14 years old. The wrong face shape, the wrong styling, there are so many wrong ways to go about this major hair change.

Granted, we can't blame you for wanting a chop after seeing her gorgeous cut. The good news? We have expert tips from Mark Garrison of Mark Garrison Salon here in New York City. From best bangs for your face shape and bang no-no's, check out our guide to bangs here


First, let's start with something promising. According to Garrison, most any face shape can wear bangs depending on how they're done.

If you have a round or square face: Angle bangs gives length.
If you have a small forehead: A low hairline makes having bangs most difficult if not impossible. The last thing you want is short, stubby bangs (or as Garrison calls them, Ugly Betty bangs).
If you have a harsh cowlick: That can change everything. "If a cowlick is really severe, bangs will only pop up and separate. It's safer to go with an angled, side bang instead."  
If you have a pixie cut: Short, choppy bangs could be your best friend. You'll need some serious guts to execute them properly, though. 

Generally speaking, longer, sexy bangs are a favorite. Not just because they're easier to style (longer hair, more room to play with), but also because they flatter so many different face types.

But before you go bang happy, Garrison says there are a 4 bang no-no's to take into consideration: 

Product beware: Avoid using pomade or greasy products on thin or fine hair bangs. The products will make the hair appear dirty. 
Be wary of heat and highlights: Using a flat iron on highlighted bangs is a no bueno. The heat will cause hair to break easily. Damaged strands? Not a good look. 
Shower carefully: Don't ever put bangs up in towel after showering. This will make them dry spastic because the roots of hair get misdirected.
Walk out the door with wet bangs: Drying bangs first thing when you get out of the shower helps get control of roots while hair still damp/wet. Root control is secret to perfectly blown bangs.

Have you ever had bangs? Would you get them again?

Image via catherinegiudici/Instagram

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