Nicole Richie’s Shocking New Hair Color Might Actually Look Good on Other Moms

nicole richieYou know who loves to dye their hair in lovely Easter-egg pastel shades? Grannies. Little old ladies who've gone completely white, and who might as well have a little fun with hair that doesn't have to be bleached to take a not-found-in-nature color. But that didn't stop this 32-year-old mom. You have to see Nicole Richie's orchid-purple dye job. It's really freakin' cool. Suddenly everything old is new! Could you pull this look off?


It looks like Nicole heard the news that radiant orchid is the Pantone color of 2014, because her hair color comes pretty darn close. While some of us have been mulling over the idea of painting our nails that color, or maybe getting a pastel purple blouse for spring, Nicole went all the way. The girl knows how to commit to a trend, right? And it's a pretty bold move for a mother. There's no way she's reining in her style just because she's a mom.

Okay, fine. Kelly Osbourne has been there, done that already. So has Katy Perry, though we weren't crazy about the result. But other stars have been showing up with pastel streaks in their hair, so it sounds like pastel shades are bona fide trend for spring.

And I have to admit, it's a tempting one to join -- except that it's a dye job, and yikes ... that's kind of a big commitment. I'd have to strip out all the color in my dark hair first, which sounds like damage central.

Maybe clip-on extensions or wigs are the answer? Except then we're heading into drag queen territory. Ain't nothing more weird than a hetero woman dolled up like a drag queen, know what I mean? Still, I love the idea. I'd be willing to put a little temporary (EXTREMELY temporary) pastel in my hair for spring.

What do you think of Nicole's pastel purple hair -- cute or granny?


Image via Nicole Richie/Instagram

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