Haircuts According to the Phases of the Moon Are Just Weird Enough to Work

long hair If you're trying to grow your hair out or achieve follicle-based perfection, we've got something for you to try. No, it isn't any special potion or tonic. It's not even a visit to a doctor's office. In fact, what we're suggesting doesn't cost anything at all. Start using the "lunar method" of hair-care. 

That's right, we said lunar. What is this weird technique? Exactly what it sounds like: Planning your haircuts and treatments according to the different phases of the moon. People who practice it swear by the technique. This seems pretty crazy to me. But who knows, the results might be surprising. They also, you know, might not be ... because frankly, it seems like kind of a bananas thing to put a lot of stock in.


Still, people -- women in particular -- often talk about the impact the moon's energy has on their physical well-being. Is it admitting too much to say that I don't even need to keep a calendar to track my period because I am totally in sync with the moon's phases? Probably.

Part of the reason I've stuck with my uber-short hair for so long is because I dread the arduous practice of growing it out. Maybe if I stick to the lunar method, I can bypass that awkward phase of the process altogether and go straight to long, silky locks.

Besides, it's not strictly hippie-dippy. Folks have been using the phases of the moon to determine loads of things for about as long as anyone can remember. The best days to cut your hair according to the moon's cycle are actually even included in the farmer's almanac.

The official Lunar Hair Chart lists March 19th and 20th as the best time of year to cut your locks if you want them to grow long and strong. Those dates are coming up, so get to scheduling you appointments now.

They also suggest the following for the year to come:

June 21-22-23 — Summer Solstice
September 26-27-28 — Fall Equinox
December 17-18-19 — Winter Solstice

It's funny that these dates tend to be three months apart. Especially since that's usually the amount of time a stylist will suggest between visits. Could this all be nonsense plain and simple? Sure, but why not try it? I might roll my eyes at the idea of lunar hair care, but I also check my horoscope every day.

Would you ever try this method?

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