How to Fake It Wearing Short Shorts Even If You Don't Have Killer Legs

leann rimesWho wears short shorts? LeAnn Rimes wears short shorts! Pretty much every time we see her! (That was all supposed to be read sing-songy, FYI.)

Let's talk about LeAnn Rimes here for a minute, guys. Love her or hate her, the woman looks really good in micro shorts. And it isn't just because she has approximately zero percent body fat. It's because LeAnn knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to wearing super short shorts. Wanna know 'em?

Here are 5 tips for wearing short shorts.


1. Become BFFs with a self-tanner. Pale skin can be stunning, but if you're attempting a short short -- a white short short, more specifically -- you want to add a little color to your getaway sticks. I have long touted the amazingness of Kate Somerville's tan towels and will continue to do so here. They're fantastic and don't smell at all. Also, I'm waiting for Kate Somerville to send a few free samples my way, because I've all but become their PR manager at this point.

2. Wear heels. No need to wear towering stilettos, but giving yourself a few extra inches will do wonders for your legs when you're wearing shorts. Try a pair of casual espadrille wedges for a more laid-back, summery look.

3. Lube up. Dry legs in short shorts is just ... no. I'd recommend not only moisturizing really well before stepping out in a pair of micro shorts, but throwing a light, light coat of some kind of oil on as well. You don't want to look like an '80s sunbather, but a few drops of Argan oil will go a long way.

4. Shave. I mean, need I even say this?

5. Make sure the shorts aren't tight. Of course, you don't want your shorts hanging off of your body, but tight and short can look a little ... eh, not so much. Remember, short shorts and hot pants are two different things.

Do you wear short shorts in the summer?


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