Mindy Kaling Nailed It in Sparkly Blue Dress Regardless of Her 'Curves'​ (PHOTO)

Mindy Kaling has proven she is beyond talented. From both her writing and acting stint on The Office to starring in The Mindy Project, she has no reason to feel anything but confident about her intelligence, wit, and yes -- her looks, no matter how shallow that may sound. And yet, there are few times you read about the actress' style -- which is pretty amazing, by the way -- without running across an annoying comment about her weight, curves (code for weight) or voluptuousness (again, code for weight). Nevermind all that bunk. Mindy recently attended the Costume Designers Guild Awards and she KILLED IT. She was, hand down, the most absolutely stunning patron at the dinner by far -- curves and all.


Mindy enlisted the help of costume designer Salvador Prez Jr., who created a glamour girl gown that was perfect for her: it's a one-shouldered, lace beauty in the most insanely dreamy Caribbean-blue imaginable. Have a look:

This hue on her skin tone makes Mindy positively glow. She looks like a mermaid goddess from another era. And, most importantly, you can tell she feels comfortable in this dress and in her skin. I get sad sometimes when I hear her speak about her own body. It isn't that I don't think she's okay with herself -- I'm convinced she's a woman with great self-esteem -- it's that she must hear so much ridiculous talk about her non-traditional Hollywood body shape that she can't help but feel the need to reference it in articles.

Mindy deserves better than to have to hear comments that start with, "She looks great for a big girl" or "Great dress, but was sleeveless a good choice for her?" It's maddening. Given our acceptance of "bigger" starlets (and trust me, it pains me to use that word because it couldn't be further from the truth) like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, you would think we'd be past talk of curves by now.

What do you think of Mindy's bright-blue look at CDGA? Are you tired of hearing comments about her body?


Images via Instagram

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