I'll Never Give Up Mascara Even If It's Not Trendy

So, one of the big beauty trends at this month's Fashion Week was the "no mascara" look. And now some fashion sites are wondering if this means mascara is dead...

To that I say:




I mean seriously, people: We're talking about mascara here! One of the main loves of my life! Long live mascara! I will never quit you, mascara, no matter what the trends may say. Never!!!

Alright, I know, I'm getting a little hysterical here. (A "little"? Is that what you're thinking?) I do love my mascara, though. I wear it almost every day; it's a staple. Like BREAD. It's probably the item of makeup I use the most ... even if the rest of my face is bare, my lashes are usually sporting a couple coats of mascara. Why? It's simple: I just like the way I look with it on. I think it's far and away the most flattering beauty product!

My eyelashes are pretty long, but they're not very thick or full, so I'm into all the "voluminizing" types of mascara (rather than the "lengthening"). I do have a favorite staple: Covergirl LashBlast Volume Mascara, which is awesome and very affordable. But I tend to experiment a lot with different brands ... I'm fickle that way. I primarily use blackest black, but I have gotten in to colored mascaras recently, which can be fun. See? I'm flexible!

NARS at Helmut Lang / BeautyPress.com

I can imagine wearing no makeup, and I can imagine wearing only mascara, but I totally can NOT imagine wearing eyeshadow and / or eyeliner, but no mascara.  That's what happened at quite a few of the runway shows (see left and below), and while I agree it can look chic and different on a model, I would feel TOTALLY ODD copying it myself. It just feels... un-done to me.

NARS at Alexander Wang / BeautyPress.com

And you know what? That's fine. I don't need to feel like I'm "on trend" or cutting edge ... I just want to feel the prettiest I can feel.

Isn't that, really, what makeup should be about? Thick eyebrows, thin eyebrows; matte lips or glossy lips; bronzer or no bronzer ... the beauty choices we make should always be about what makes us feel good and what we feel works best with our features.

Now excuse me, I think I need to go put a third coat of mascara on!

Is there a beauty product you'll never give up?

Image via eflon/Flickr

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