5 Great Things That Happen When You Quit Shampoo Cold Turkey​ (PHOTOS)

up do By this point everyone knows the cold hard truth when it comes to caring for your hair. If you want healthy, glow-tastic, hair that will be the envy of all your friends, there is but one gnarly solution. You can make the magic happen, but you'll have to stop washing your hair. It isn't for everyone, and it takes a certain amount of patience and a nice collection of hats, but if you can make it through the gross start to this process, you'll be happy with the results -- beautiful, healthy, hair. 

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We all know that quitting the sauce (aka, the shampoo) is the sure-fire way to improve the qualities of our manes, but what exactly are all the benefits? In other words -- are there real reasons to back up this old housewives' tale other than simply shrugging while saying 'nasty but effective'? It turns out yes, yes there are. We've compiled 5 hot, hot, hot benefits to giving up the soap -- for your hair, anyway. Please continue washing your body as usual. The world thanks you.  

Would you ever quit washing your hair?


Image via Ada Summer/Corbis

  • Your Scalp Gets Healthier


    Image via GARO/phanie/Phanie Sarl/Corbis 

    Your scalp produces a natural oil, sebum, and washing your hair daily actually makes your scalp OVER produced this oil. This leads to hair feeling greasier, and even build-up on the scalp. Ditching the shampoo helps the scalp calm down and get back to business as usual. To help ease the transition, try dry shampoo!

  • No More Split Ends!


    Image via Michael Haegele/Corbis

    With more natural oil to go around, brushing your new, improved, and shampoo-free hair means dispersing the oils necessary to keep your hair healthy and strong -- these means less split ends! Huzzah! 

  • No More Need For Deep Conditioners


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    Washing your hair everyday can leave it dry and brittle. With everything we put our hair through, it's only natural that we'd shell out big bucks on fancy heated oils and conditioning treatments. Even a week's worth of not-shampooing will restore order to your fried locks. 

  • Keep Your Color Looking Brand New


    Image via Ada Summer/Corbis

    Getting your hair colored is expensive. There's no bigger bummer than washing your hair even once and seeming that costly dye job fade. Going easy on your hair and ditching the shampoo will keep your color brighter longer. 

  • Make Styling a Breeze


    Image via Ada Summer/Corbis

    Fancy up-do's something you've always wanted to try, but you thought they were impossible because of your slippery hair? Going without shampoo makes updos, curls, and more fun styles a thing of ease. 


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