The 6 Best Ways to Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

girl blowing snowIt’s wintertime and though the glistening mounds of snow and beautiful sculptured icicles are pristine to look at, they don't do much for the skin. In my house, winter means cold, dry weather that ruins my skin. It becomes dry, ashy, and itchy. It is miserable and if I dare to go outside for extended amounts of time or with wet hands, they often end up dry, cracked, and bleeding. It’s awful. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few precautions you can have beautiful, supple skin all year round.

Here are things you can do to avoid dry skin this winter.


1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Common sense dictates that as weather conditions change you need to change your skin care regime. Find a thick, intense moisturizer that will create a protective layer on the skin. This will help you retain more moisture than a cream or lotion.

2. Change Your Hygeine Routine

Choose showers over baths. While long hot soaks may sound heavenly on cold nights, they will actually dehydrate your skin and wash away natural oils.Opt for lukewarm showers during the winter to avoid dry, itchy skin.

Avoid any kind of soap that is going to dry you out. Use mild facial cleansers and limit how often you wash your face. Use alcohol-free cleansers that will help your skin retain natural moisture and avoid antibacterial soaps because they are extremely harsh on skin in even the best of conditions.

3. Bring on the humidity

Run a humidifier while you sleep to help your skin soak up the moisture as you sleep. Instead of your skin being a dry and itchy from a lack of humidity in the morning, you will wake up to supple, soft skin.

4. Drop It Like It's Hot

Try to avoid turning up the thermostat too high. While it may be keeping you toasty, it is drying your skin out like beef jerky. Lower the temp and put on some layers. Your skin will thank you for it.

5. Pass on the Wool

We all know that wool is itchy but did you know that wearing wool can actually aggravate your dry, itchy skin further? If you must wear wool, put a layer of clothing between you and the piece of clothing.

6. Sunscreen Is Not Just for the Beach

Sunglare can cause dry skin. Use sunscreen and SPF chap stick to protect yourself from the effects of those rays.

How do you keep your skin from drying out during the winter?

Image via Flickr/ MartinaK15

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