5 Tricks to Wearing High Heels Without Pain


I joke all the time that I learned how to wear heels for hours on end back in college when I went through sorority recruitment. A week long of shaking hands, learning new names, and too much makeup -- to this day I refer to rush week as high heel boot camp. It's safe to say that wearing heels, sorority alumni or not, isn't always a walk in the park. Sore ankles and achy arches are anything but ideal. The good news? There are tricks to wearing heels the right way. As in, wearing heels in a manner that doesn't make you look like an injured baby lamb hobbling toward dinner with your honey.

Want to know the key to wearing high heels so you don't kill your feet? Check out our 5 tricks to comfortably wearing heels. Yes, even those skyscrapers your mom thinks are ridiculous.

1. Figure out the right size: Feet have a tendency to swell when you're wearing shoes for an extended period of time. If heels are extra snug to begin with, then you'll surely be in trouble after a few hours of wear. That last thing you want are ingrown toe nails or bunions.

2. Know what to avoid: Sure, those strappy, skinny summer stilettos may look like a dream. However, it's important to be realistic about what kind of shoe has day-long potential. A thin sole will most likely cause pain for the bottom of your foot. Look for something with some rubber on the bottom to provide a bit of a buffer. Ideal? A heel that has a bit of a platform in the front. The platform reduces the incline of your foot, making things more comfortable all around. My spring pick? The Lomas from Call It Spring ($34.98, callitspring.com).

3. Add your own cushion: Store-bought inserts can be your BFF. Add a little extra cushion to your shoe and your dogs won't be barking as quick. My go-to? Foot Petals tip toes ($6.95, footpetals.com).

4. Lead with your thighs: This is a trick a friend of mine taught me a year-or-so back. I find that when you're walking, leading with your thighs, your entire leg is moving forward at once. Think about it: You're probably used to letting your feet lead, right? It takes practice, but you'll find that there's less pressure placed on the ball of your foot.

5. Take breaks: Whether you're wearing heels or not, being on your feet for an extended period of time will hurt your tootsies no matter what. Do yourself a favor and take turns standing and sitting over the course of a day/night in heels.

Do you have any high heel tips? What kind of shoes make you feel the sexiest?


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the4m... the4mutts

These were actually good tips. I saw a pair of heels with a front platform that I just loved, not too long ago, but I was on the fence about whether it would make it more, or less comfortable to wear them. Maybe I'll give them a try

nonmember avatar Jesse

Foot powder does wonders too. It's a lot more comfortable when your toes can move around

Maryam Towfigh Amiri

These are all great tips! Some say we should avoid heels all the time, but wearing flats is not healthy for our feet either. We need to wear a variety of heel heights to keep the flexibility in our tendons, ligaments and muscles. Here are a few more tips http://santamonicapodiatry.com/proper-foot-care/shoeicide-fact-or-fiction/

Hildi... Hildi-Gardi

When I buy heels, particularly pumps, I decide first if I'm going to be wearing them barefoot, or with hose or knee-highs. If I'm wearing hose or knee-highs, I can get them where they fit more snugly, without being uncomfortable. Which is what I normally do. If I'm going to wear a pair of heels barefoot, I tend to stick with slingbacks or slides.

Carol Underwood

ODD but it works. Rub your feet with stick deodorant to keep shoes from rubbing your skin. Feet slide right in and no blisters.

nonmember avatar Cynthia

I do much the same, Pads are a must have especially working in the city. Myself, anything over 3-4 inches, I opt for a size larger than norm and use a pad in the back of the heel as well. The thigh thing I didn't know was a thing. I mastered it in marching band, "land that foot flat" driven into the fabric of our Sole;). Still have a giggle watching 20 something's tip-toeing about in towering heels. I'm sure I was much the same. Didn't even own a real pair of heels until well into Uni. Soon mastered though, thanks to Mr. Schmankle and Drill Sargent's for Majorette's, Yes, geeky school girl, admitted, but my feet are not barking at me when I finally relieve them of the latest "Must Haves" that bind them. I have children for that!

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