Britney Spears' New Hair Color Isn't a Good Sign (PHOTO)​

Britney, Bitch When it comes to Britney Spears, of two things we can be sure. The first, when her music plays, we're going to get up and shake our booties. Secondly, we all know that her changing hair colors and hairstyles is a sign of what's going on for her emotionally and mentally.

And, yes, oops, she's done it again (#popjournalismheartspunsyall). Just weeks after going back to sultry, dark, brunette roots, the woman we all think of as a true blonde bombshell has changed her hair once more. Britney was photographed during her Vegas stage show and afterward posing with fans with a deep, red hair color that is totally smoking hot. 

We definitely approve of the look. It really makes her eyes pop, and the more natural shade of the red brings out a glow in her skin. It's a winning choice all around. But ... why did she dye it just DAYS after going brunette? 


We worry about Britney (#concerntroll); after all, there's no denying that the state of her follicles is basically her emotional barometer. Does the red hair for Brit Brit mean anything other than the pop diva craving a change of pace? I know I'm not alone, but when I see Britney changing the look of her tresses, I just immediately flash to images of her shaving her head in a sign of mental distress.

Britney, Bitch

She seems to be at her happiest and most stable when she's rocking a light, natural-looking blonde. When she goes brunette, you get the feeling that she's fighting boredom or battling against her one-time good-girl image of yore and the demons that came with it. But what does red mean? Is Britney entering a new chapter? Could 'red' be the color of her life in Vegas? It seems like Britney is happy and stable these days, but could red be a sign that she's bored and trying to spice things up? I hope that's it, but my gut feels like this change is a bad sign. Only time will tell.

Do you think Britney's red locks are a good sign or a bad one?


Images via Instagram/Instagram 

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