Men Tell Us How They Really Feel About Women Wearing Makeup

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We may be living in the year 2014, but plenty of conversations we continue to have sound like they could've been scripted into an episode of Mad Men. Believe it or not, some people still feel that women should wear makeup every day to keep their men happy.

Is that a neurotic belief only women stuck in a Betty Draper mindset would subscribe to? Or is it a request we're actually getting from our guys? To find out, we asked real men how they really feel about us wearing makeup seven days a week for their benefit. Here, 14 of their brutally honest to straight-up hilarious responses ...


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  1. "Ridiculous! I think that's just someone trying to keep the makeup industry in business."
  2. "Having to wear makeup seven days a week in order to secure your spouse's happiness seems bonkers.  I don't appreciate too much makeup use, because I know it's fake and feel like the person is afraid to show who they really are."
  3. "Women lie. Makeup, high heels, padded bras, it's all lies. Give me a woman who looks good naked when she wakes up in the morning. THAT'S attractive."
  4. "I prefer my wife with as minimal makeup as possible (and she knows this!). She looks more beautiful au naturel. I think she puts on makeup more for herself than for anybody else. It helps her to feel more confident. Definitely not at my request!"
  5. "Makeup every day? Maybe if they're ugly! My girlfriend is hot as **** so she is different. But in general, makeup all the time is no good."
  6. "[My wife] has even seen me with makeup on! We took a stage makeup class together!"
  7. "I groom for me. I like to look good, because it makes me feel good. I also do it for her. If she likes what she sees, she'll want what she sees, and if she likes what she sees, I get lucky! It may be primal, but isn't that what we are? Primates!"
  8. "I love love love it when you get done up! I appreciate the overall effort and as part of a larger picture of joy ... but it’s not the first thing that pops into my heart. It's, 'Oh... yeah... I’m a guy, you’re a girl.'"

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  9. "Makeup helps some women A LOT. Have you ever seen a Kardashian without it? Yikes! Luckily, my wife looks great with or without -- and I know how long it takes to apply -- so I’m happy however she chooses to go out. If I were Scott Disick, however, I would definitely force Kourtney to wear it every day."
  10. When asked by his wife whether he would want her to wear makeup every day, one husband replied: "I think it would be a waste of your time."
  11. "When grown men talk about what makes and keeps them happy, makeup is never on the list. I prefer makeup to be for occasions where I get to see her outside of her natural beauty, slightly enhanced. Makeup should help her feel good, not make me feel good. To say otherwise would be selfish to me and degrading to her. It should not be a part of my daily decision of whether or not I'm happy. Any man who is happy with makeup and not his woman should have married a makeup counter. Idiot!"
  12. "It should really be up to her. Of course, makeup adds an extra glamour to already-beautiful appearance of a woman, but being able to see the 'unconcealed' side of someone is a beauty in itself. Makeup should not be seen as a mandate nor expectation, but rather be seen as an effective tool that ladies can use to show various sides of their own identities."
  13. "I actually prefer my wife with less makeup. She used to wear more at the time we started going out, and I encouraged her to wear less, because it sometimes looked like she was trying too hard."
  14. "The first thing I noticed about my wife was her beautiful face, the second was her awesome personality. I prefer little to no makeup; she is naturally beautiful. If she does wear it, I like it subdued, not over the top. I do expect my wife to be put together, but makeup is not required every day. I mean, makeup on a day hike would make me mad."

How does your guy feel about makeup? What about you?


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