10 Tips for Getting Kim Kardashian's Gorgeous Bronze Smoky Eyes (VIDEO)

The Kardashian sisters have eyes to die for. They've been blessed with naturally doe-like peepers, but that doesn't mean the girls don't know their way around an eye shadow brush, liner, and false lashes. When it comes to makeup tricks, they have them in spades. And one of the looks they rock so well is one you're going to see a lot more of this spring and next fall -- gorgeous, bronze/gold smoky eyes that are fit for an exotic queen.


This is not a look that is for the faint of heart -- it requires an absolute dedication to eye makeup. But the pay-off is immense: in just a few quick steps, you will have a sophisticated and sexy look that is perfect for a night out.

Check out the slideshow for 10 tips for achieving Kim K.'s amazing look.

Here's the full video tutorial:

Would you try this bronze smokey eye look?


Images via YouTube

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