Woman Who Grew Full Beard Learns to Accept Her Own Beauty (VIDEO)

We've all known women who are stunning, by society's standards, and are also thoroughly unhappy and unsatisfied with their looks. They're always searching for the next "fix" that will make their breasts bigger or their lips appear puffier or whatever they assume will create a more perfect outer-shell.

Harnaam Kaur could teach them -- and all of us, really -- a lesson or two in self acceptance and love. The 23-year-old has polycystic ovary syndrome and has battled thick hair growth on her face and body since she was a young girl. She was bullied for many years, called "beardo" and "shemale," and would talk to people with a hand over her face because she felt so ashamed. She even refused to leave her house and hurt herself as a result of the bullying. But now Harnaam has accepted herself -- and has grown a full beard.

This young woman used to shave, wax, and bleach her facial hair -- but it seems like it was very difficult to keep up with her beauty routines and she wasn't very happy going to great lengths for a smooth face. The primary school teaching assistant was able to finally find peace -- and a spiritual release -- when she was 16 and was baptized as a Sikh. The religion forbids followers to cut or shave their body hair.

Harnaam says she is happy with her looks because God made her this way. She also says she feels "feminine" and "more sexy" since she accepted herself. I know I'm not as courageous as this young and brave woman because, if I were in her shoes, I would scrimp and save until I could afford to have all of my facial hair lasered off. I obviously don't possess the self confidence she does -- and I'm sure her religious awakening has a great deal to do with her inner strength.

Harnaam created this beautiful and inspirational video that shares her story. As a mom, I pray my daughter will grow up with one-eighth of the confidence Harnaam possesses. She is a special young woman and I wish her the best in life.

What do you think of Harnaam's story? Do you think you could grow a full beard and rock it like this woman?


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Bruic... Bruickson

At first I thought "what woman in their right mind would want a beard. She has to be crazy!" But after watching the video she seems very well adjusted and at peace with herself. I think it's awesome that she feels so comfortable with her looks now and doesn't feel the need to change for others. If I were in her shoes I know I wouldn't be as brave. That is a pretty badass beard though. I have some guy friends who would be totally jealous lol.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Is there any need to put beauty in quotation marks? You know, other than just to be a judgmental shrew. 

bunny... bunnyxlover

why is beauty in quotation marks? makes it look like you're making fun of her too

mande... manderspanders

I know I couldn't do that... she is indeed a special woman.

I just think its awful that there aren't more medical options for women who suffer with hirsutism, who want to be treated.

Kate Cooley

Talk about someone who just owns herself! You go, girl! Rock that beard! 


Proud of her...pretty darn courageous--an inspiration to others.

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

Good for her for being so confident.  maybe this will help others learn about OPS (I have it) and help teach people about it.

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